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Trex Detox Tea 5 Boxes

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Trex Detox Tea 300 Saches - For 5 Month

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Rice Husk Powder Extract
Dwarf Palm Extract
Gojiberry Extract
Chitosan Extract
Stevia Extract
Echinacea Extract
Green Tea Extract
Lotus Leaf Extract
Cinnamon Extract

How to use?

It is advised to consume 1 large cup or mug filled with hot water mixed with 1 Trextea bag, 1 hour before breakfast and dinner.

Duration of Use: Recommended usage varies depending on your condition, typically suggested for 2 boxes. (1 Box contains 2 servings per day for 30 days). The recommended waiting period between 2 boxes is 1 week. Each box contains 60 sachets (Net: 270 grams).

It helps eliminate harmful toxins and edema from the body through the urinary system. Prevents sudden sweet cravings. Reduces liver fat. Balances sugar levels in the body. Reduces diabetes.

Note: It is advised that individuals diagnosed with diabetes and those using insulin should avoid using this product. Minimizes nerves and stress. Aids in converting your food intake into energy more easily. Provides energy, enabling you to burn more calories. Induces dryness in the mouth, encouraging increased water intake.

Usage: It is recommended to empty 1 Trextea sachet into 1 large cup or mug filled with hot water, stir and consume 1 hour before breakfast and dinner."


Trex Detox Tea is not a medicine; it is a dietary supplement.